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Letting Go…

clouds 9 13 15 005

Clouds Over River 9-13-15; photo by Toni Roberts

Perhaps the time has come for us humans to consciously and deliberately loosen our fear-basedlife or death grip on this third dimension of a greater REALITY

How we do cling to our earth experiences as if this is all there is to LIFE… as if this experience as flesh beings is the BE-ALL of existence…

How about trying something new for a month or so? Just to see what happens…

Take an hour each day in the Silence of the Now Moment…forget about your BODY…your LIFE…and the myriad PROBLEMS bombarding you…

Simply “Let go and let God’…”

And if you do not believe in any Power greater than your human power…or any reality other than your human reality…simply relax into the “nothingness” of your being as you observe your breath

Do this religiously…daily…for at least one month…and see what happens…

You have nothing to lose…n’cest pas? And you gain an hour of relaxation that can only benefit that body in which you so much believe…



Living Day By Day By Day…


In Quiet Contemplation At My Altar – Photography by Toni Roberts

simply letting life flow from the inside out…taking whatever shape IT will…

as I lean back and ride the leisurely waves of EXISTENCE

up and down…in and out…where I’m going…nobody knows…

and that’s perfectly fine with me…for my life is in DIVINE ORDER

I am aligned with the PURPOSE OF THE COSMOS



"Reflections"  (2011) by toniroberts

Reflections…Photography by Toni Roberts

I swam against the current

attempting to change the current to my rhythm and flow


I am flexibleadaptable

I bend and flow with the current

Allowing It’s Wisdom

It’s Knowledge of the Way

To carry me to Joy and Fulfillment

We Are Our Own “Oracles…”

In Contemplation of GoddessHood – Artwork & Photograph by Toni Roberts


When first the Goddess-Self begins to awaken …

We sense a quickening of the Soul at the HEART and SOLAR PLEXUS...

We then run to the corner Witch or Spiritual Advisor

So that she may consult her Oracles

On our behalf…


Never for a moment do we stop to realize…

That we, too, have access to the same…

GodsGoddessesOracles and Holy Beings…”

As does the neighborhood Consejera


Instead, how about trying something different the very next time you are confronted with an insurmountable challenge…one way beyond your human ability to comprehendmuch less solve?

How about trying this?


Turn off all gadgets…

All media…

All means of communication…

Let there be no distractions from total attention…

And concentration…

On your own mind…

And body…



Sit your busy ass down…

Shut your mouth…

And think about the situation that has you in such a panic…

YES…actually think about it…Instead of trying to escape it…


*DO NOT take any substance

That is unnatural to the human body

In order tocalm your nerves…”

Orrelax your mind…”




Simply breathe

As you watch yourself breathing


FEEL the Breath-of-Life moving into your nostrils

Expanding your belly (not your chest)…

Filling your lungs…

Distributing Life-Giving Oxygen

To every nook and cranny of your being…

Breathe LIFE

In…and out…

In and out…

Nothing exists but you…


Life Itself


Watch your thoughts as they pass through your mind…

As you would watch traffic on a highway

They are not you…these thoughts

They are simply thoughts…moving through your mind

Do not engage with them emotionally

Instead…watch them running through your mind…

Like little drunken monkeys

The same thoughts…running mindlessly…

Back and forth …back and forth…

Across the highway of your mind


Just breathe



If you have gotten this far…Awakening One

You are well on your way to contacting La Diosa AdentroYour Inner Goddess-Self

Your very own private…Personal Oracle

She Who Dwells at the center of your being


Your next steps will soon follow…


In the meantime…Goddess-in-training

Keep on breathingBreath by Holy Breath

As you continue to move…through this Mystery of human Life on planet earth…

Step by stepbreath by breath


(*Human beings have cannabinoid receptors in their brains. Do the research.)


Letting Go…


Grandfather Wisdom – Photography by Toni Roberts

Lead me

step by step

breath by breath

thought by thought


The Many Guises of the Divine Feminine – Altar Arrangement & Photography by Toni Roberts

word by word

action by action


Crossing the Waters of Life – Artist Unknown – Photography by Toni Roberts



murky waters






Ultimate Fulfillment



Divine Purpose






Altars and Meditation…

Night Altar – Altar Arrangement and Photograph by Toni Roberts


Some view my altars and ask…

is she pagan?…

does she worship idols?…

My altars simply serve as a focal point during


The candle flame draws me in…

It becomes a focal point…

My attention becomes single-focused

A requisite for deep


The statues and other objects lend their unique and special energies

For everythinghuman or otherwise




is all there is…

One’s visual attention…drawn by the candle flame

remains focused on the altar…

while all of one’s conscious attention is focused on following one’s breath

simply breathe

in…and out…in…and out…in and out…

one follows one’s breath as one’s thoughts

become travellers along the pathway of the mind…

drawing no more attention than passing traffic on a highway…

simply breathe


in…and out…in…and out…in…and out…in and out…in…and out…in…and out…

one’s only job is to breathe

as one surrenders the ignorance of the human ego

to the


of the


simply breathe

in…and out…in…and out…in…and out…in…and out…in…and out…in…and out…


On A Clear Day…One Can See Forever…

clouds water gazing 039

On A Clear Day…One Can See Forever –  Photograph by Toni Roberts

both that which lay





Still Following…


Trees…Trees…Trees… – Photograph by Toni Roberts

the sage advice of the

   I Ching

Hexagram 8changing into 52

Unity…holding fast to La Diosa Adentro

following Her instead of my over-ambitious Ego


More Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood – Photograph by Toni Roberts

Spending these beautiful summer days

in mindfulmeditativecontemplation

appreciating the beauty of my surroundings

honoring the abundance of the natural world


More Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood II – Photograph by Toni Roberts






Today’s Sage Advice From the I Ching…


Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood (I) – Photo by Toni Roberts

(Lao Tzu, in the sixth century B.C. elaborates upon the meditative mood as follows:)

“(S/he) who knows does not speak.

(S/he) who speaks does not know.

Close the mouth.

Shut the door of desire.



Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood (II) – Photo by Toni Roberts

Blunt the sharpness.

Untie the tangles.

Soften the light.

Become one with the dusty world.”

(Italics mine.)

Raising Kundalini…

Chakra Flowering – Artwork/Photo by Toni Roberts

“Chakra Flowering”–Original artwork by Toni Roberts. This piece is symbolic of the flowering of the Root Chakra and the rising of Kundalini Energy up the spine to the 7th Chakra at the top of the head. There are seven Spiritual Centers (Chakras) or “Wheels of Energy” along the human spine. These centers are aligned with the seven major endocrine/glandular systems in the body. During guided meditation workshop participants rotate the color of each Chakra in a circle as they move slowly up from the Root to the to the seventh Chakra at the top of the head. The benefits of this Chakra Color Meditation are a gradual spiritual awakening–or enlightenment–plus physical wellness–or a Wholeness of Being regardless of the number of years one has spent in the flesh body. And those are only two benefits of the practice of Kundalini meditation–there are many. One of which, as you can see by the accompanying photograph, is the awakening of one’s artistic/creative expression.

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