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Daughters of Gaia – Pencil Drawing/Collage/Photography by Toni Roberts

Today…while in meditative contemplation

I was reminded that a new beginning follows every ending

 That which needs to die

Must die

In order for the new and beautiful to be born

 With every death there is a re-birth


Therefore…let me not hold onto whatever it is that must die in my heart

In my soul

In my thoughts

And in my body

So that the new and beautiful might arise…


I now release all contaminants of:





To make room for the New





To so fill my Life and being

That I may be Born Anew


And…if I may…let me paraphrase something a very Wise Man was reputed to have told his world:

It behooves one to empty one’s vessel of all oldimpacted matterbefore  pouring fresh water into it…lest one’s fresh water be contaminated with one’s




Toni Roberts





Monday…Lunes…Moon Day…


Foggy…Misty…Mondays – Photography by Toni Roberts

Word up!”


It’s Time to…



Stop Doing
















The world will get along just fine without you…








A Word to the Wise is more than sufficient…Verdad?

Toni Roberts



Ponder This…


River Gazing- 4-9-2020 – Photograph by Toni Roberts

There’s not been a ProphetSageHoly Wo/man…or “Mangod…” in all the herstory of humankind who has not received her/his Wisdom while in a state of Meditative Silence

 The Time has now arrived for all of humanity to…sit downshut up…and LISTEN WITHIN

 For the Source of all Knowledge and Wisdom dwells within the Human Heart

 This is what COVID 19 is forcing the Wise of us to do…

 And to the Noisy Remainder

 Let these words herewith be sufficient


Așe and Goddess bless us all.

Toni Roberts


It Is Time For Humanity To Replace…

body of light 2 images

Stock Photo

FEAR with TRUST...

Trust in that which we cannot see…taste…touch…hear…or smell…

but Whose Presence is felt with every heartbeat...every breath

it is time to TRUST… 

Living Day By Day By Day…


In Quiet Contemplation At My Altar – Photography by Toni Roberts

simply letting life flow from the inside out…taking whatever shape IT will…

as I lean back and ride the leisurely waves of EXISTENCE

up and down…in and out…where I’m going…nobody knows…

and that’s perfectly fine with me…for my life is in DIVINE ORDER

I am aligned with the PURPOSE OF THE COSMOS


We Are Our Own “Oracles…”

In Contemplation of GoddessHood – Artwork & Photograph by Toni Roberts


When first the Goddess-Self begins to awaken …

We sense a quickening of the Soul at the HEART and SOLAR PLEXUS...

We then run to the corner Witch or Spiritual Advisor

So that she may consult her Oracles

On our behalf…


Never for a moment do we stop to realize…

That we, too, have access to the same…

GodsGoddessesOracles and Holy Beings…”

As does the neighborhood Consejera


Instead, how about trying something different the very next time you are confronted with an insurmountable challenge…one way beyond your human ability to comprehendmuch less solve?

How about trying this?


Turn off all gadgets…

All media…

All means of communication…

Let there be no distractions from total attention…

And concentration…

On your own mind…

And body…



Sit your busy ass down…

Shut your mouth…

And think about the situation that has you in such a panic…

YES…actually think about it…Instead of trying to escape it…


*DO NOT take any substance

That is unnatural to the human body

In order tocalm your nerves…”

Orrelax your mind…”




Simply breathe

As you watch yourself breathing


FEEL the Breath-of-Life moving into your nostrils

Expanding your belly (not your chest)…

Filling your lungs…

Distributing Life-Giving Oxygen

To every nook and cranny of your being…

Breathe LIFE

In…and out…

In and out…

Nothing exists but you…


Life Itself


Watch your thoughts as they pass through your mind…

As you would watch traffic on a highway

They are not you…these thoughts

They are simply thoughts…moving through your mind

Do not engage with them emotionally

Instead…watch them running through your mind…

Like little drunken monkeys

The same thoughts…running mindlessly…

Back and forth …back and forth…

Across the highway of your mind


Just breathe



If you have gotten this far…Awakening One

You are well on your way to contacting La Diosa AdentroYour Inner Goddess-Self

Your very own private…Personal Oracle

She Who Dwells at the center of your being


Your next steps will soon follow…


In the meantime…Goddess-in-training

Keep on breathingBreath by Holy Breath

As you continue to move…through this Mystery of human Life on planet earth…

Step by stepbreath by breath


(*Human beings have cannabinoid receptors in their brains. Do the research.)


On A Clear Day…One Can See Forever…

clouds water gazing 039

On A Clear Day…One Can See Forever –  Photograph by Toni Roberts

both that which lay





Still Following…


Trees…Trees…Trees… – Photograph by Toni Roberts

the sage advice of the

   I Ching

Hexagram 8changing into 52

Unity…holding fast to La Diosa Adentro

following Her instead of my over-ambitious Ego


More Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood – Photograph by Toni Roberts

Spending these beautiful summer days

in mindfulmeditativecontemplation

appreciating the beauty of my surroundings

honoring the abundance of the natural world


More Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood II – Photograph by Toni Roberts






Today’s Sage Advice From the I Ching…


Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood (I) – Photo by Toni Roberts

(Lao Tzu, in the sixth century B.C. elaborates upon the meditative mood as follows:)

“(S/he) who knows does not speak.

(S/he) who speaks does not know.

Close the mouth.

Shut the door of desire.



Summer Blossoms In My Neighborhood (II) – Photo by Toni Roberts

Blunt the sharpness.

Untie the tangles.

Soften the light.

Become one with the dusty world.”

(Italics mine.)

A Bit Of Wisdom From Poet, THETA BURKE…

artwork river 10 15 14 088

Portrait of the Artist – Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts


I was going through my bookcases earlier today in search of a book that I did not find. Instead, I came upon an old, yellowed book of poetry: SOUNDS OF YOURSELF by Theta Burke. (Copyright 1977 by Theta Burke. Publisher: Delafield Press.) I had made a notation on the title page that the book was a gift from…either Larry or Surry in May of 1979. My handwriting is abominable and my memory not much better for I remember neither a Larry nor a Surry. My apologies to whomever it was who obviously knew my spirit so well.

The poet speaks to my heart. It’s as if her thoughts and words were lifted from my own soul. I hope you get the same pleasure as I from Ms. Burke’s deep understanding of this journey we share as human beings. You will be seeing more of her work in future blogs.

The following poem is from the last section of the book entitled: CONTEMPLATION. I dedicate it to all of you seekers of eternal youth.

Sometimes it appears

that concern with the accumulation of years

is more prevalent with those

who have sought gratification

from physical attributes

and fear their deterioration.


They are ageless

whose beauty of mind

has properly assigned priorities

so that the  passing of the years

only adds facets

which contribute to the richness of the glow.”


Artwork by Toni Roberts available for viewing and purchase at:



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