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Another Realization As I Rapidly Approach My 79th Birthday!

altar 015

Yemaya Works Her Own Kind Of Magic – Photo by Toni Roberts


As the culmination of  79 years in this flesh body rapidly approaches…


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If It Weren’t For Grandfather, I’d Still Be Asleep – Photo by Toni Roberts


I’m beginning to get a glimmer...

Just a mere glimpse

Of what this HELL called human life on planet earth is TRULY all about…

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Carriers Of The Word…From One Realm To Another – Photo by Toni Roberts 


And so I pray that the current

awakening of human consciousness

from its eons of slumber

soon reach

Critical Mass

Lest humanity ultimately destroy itself

from the

ignorance and hubris

so reflected in

America’s 2016 presidential choice

wake up!

time is of the essence!










As I Gaze Out Upon The Waters…

Long Island Sound; Photo by Toni Roberts

Long Island Sound; Photo by Toni Roberts

I hear these words echoing within:

turn towards that which you desire

then simply hold yourself


to receive it

Hutchinson River Wetlands; photo by Toni Roberts

Hutchinson River Wetlands; photo by Toni Roberts

Not so easy to do when the culture teaches:

Set goals!



Make a five-year plan!

And then work like the very devil to materialize it!

All else is

Magical thinking

Another View of The Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

Another View of The Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

I say screw the culture!

Kick back


Enjoy the view

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

As you seek the “Queendom” within

Knowing that The Mother has knowledge of what we need for

Health, peace, joy, abundance and fullness of life

And that all of these needed things

Shall be added unto us

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May be Viewed and Purchased at:



I am the Yielding


Receptive Darkness of Being

the Feminine Aspect of this

Holy Collaboration…

I obey…

I follow…

I open and receive the


light and dark...yang and yin...the holy marriage...

I release the whole fantasy of what it means to be a human on planet earth

I let go of the dream of human power

I release my illusions and delusions about reality

and turn over the reins of this life to

Whatever the Source is from Which

my being flows…

I surrender

And in this Holy Surrender

the sun blazes…

My life unfolds…effortlessly

Peace…joy…comfort and immediate answers

to mind-numbing



make themselves apparent


The living of life becomes magical

no struggle…no fight…

no pushing against the forces of Creation

Resolutions unfold like the petals of a rose…

The solution is contained within the very same seed

that houses the obstacle…

Like the rose and its thorns…

Holy Voodoo...

Reality shifts…

Understanding and Clarity take hold…

the world you’ve been conditioned into believing real

the one in which the ego believes itself the source of  power

gives way to the Invisible Realm

to that elusive realm of Spirit…that place of Holy Voodoo…

And life becomes a reflection of

the Inner Fire

that brilliant ray of Inner Light and Love that is

Creation Itself…

And you begin to know yourself as a channel…

clear and  unsullied through which


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