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Wisdom From The Mother…

A Gathering of Spirit Power – Artwork/Photography by Toni Roberts

We must learn to turn our bodies over to the Inner Physician







Inner Healer


Creatress of all Life

And thus avoid falling victim to cultural myths of Old age
















Toni Roberts



The End Of An Epoch…


Sacred Space – Photograph by Toni Roberts

You may be sure …

This Epoch of Evil is coming to an END

Despite any appearances to the contrary

However…it is just in these Times of Turmoil and Upheaval that you must…

Hold Fast...and be certain that you stand on the side of what is Right






Forewarned is forearmed

Toni Roberts


Meditation On Human Purpose…


Sacred Space – Altar Arrangement/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Ever wonder what your role is on this Soul-Bound-in Flesh Journey of Mystery…?

Your Purpose in being…?


One awakens one day asking…who am I…?

For what earthly purpose has my Soul chosen imprisonment in this “flesh suit…?”

Why have I been thrust into this world of combatturmoilconfusion…and chaos…?

Why do I find myself in this Herenow…?

What purpose can I possibly serve in the bedlam…?

In a world gone mad…?


It is then…simply by the asking…that the answer appears

And one knowsbeyond any doubt…that we who suddenly become conscious

Finding ourselves Earthbound in  “suits of flesh…”

Are here to awakensurrender…and serve

That Which Fuels All LIFE


And so…without a second thought…one offers up all of one’s being

BodyMindSoul…as Fuel…to keep the Fire of Life ItSelf Burning…

For all Eternity

Toni Roberts


It Is Time For Us To…


Window Altar – photography by Toni Roberts

Release our minds from the tyranny of the human Ego and the false belief that we are here…

In human form on planet Earth

To serve the Flesh



That Which Caused these flesh bodies into Being

Toni Roberts


The Antidotes…to Stress…Fear…and Anxiety…

Isis with Horus – African Prototype-Virgin Mary With Child – Altar/Photograph by Toni Roberts

I…as you…am a mere mortal working diligently to maintain balance and equilibrium in a world gone berserk…the only thing preventing me from flying apart into a million confused pieces is Time spent with the Ancestors…hours communing with my Spirit Guides…and seeking Divine Counsel from my Family which art on the Other Side of Life

I have thus discovered the antidotes to STRESSFEAR…and ANXIETY…The three causes of all that ails us…throwing our bodiesminds…and souls out of kilter…and into states of diseaseimbalance…and despair


STRESSOne may replace all traces of STRESS…with PEACE

One may…indeed…achieve a “peace beyond understanding…”a lasting PEACE that remains with one throughout the day…by simply beginning each day in quiet prayerjournaling…and in Meditative Contemplation in one’s Sacred Space

This daily time of SILENCE…surrounded by Living Spirit then becomes one’s anchor in this life…one’s “church…”one’s “religion…”

One’s antidote to STRESS


FEAR…the “mind-killer…” cannot exist in the same space with LOVE and GRATITUDE

And so…one must remain mindful each moment of each day of what one is feeling…

Mindful…of the Energy that one is projecting out into the world with every thoughtword…and action

Are you responding to the world with LOVE…? Or with ridicule and judgment…?

Do you give when and where you see a need that you can fulfill…?

Are you living each day mindful of the healing power of LOVE…?

Are you immersing yourself in loving Energy whenever…wherever…and with whomever you can…?

One finds that FEAR all but disappears in the abundance of LOVE…pouring naturally…Un-summoned…from one’s heart into the world…

LOVE is then proven to be an inherentintrinsicinborn antidote to FEAR


ANXIETY…once you have accepted the Reality that you did not create yourself…it then follows that there must exist…in some Realm or OtherTHAT WHICH CAUSED YOU INTO BEING

Whatever It may be…

By Whatever Name called…

It then follows that this Creative Intelligence…that created you…knows why It has created you…


Your only job is to learn why you are here

The Purpose in your being human on planet Earth

It then becomes easy to relax into your life…whatever it may look like at any given moment…with the TRUST that your CREATOR will show you the reason for your BEING

You can then put one trustingfaithful foot before the other as you step carefully through the most troubling and fearful times

Knowing that THAT WHICH CAUSED YOU INTO BEING…also knows what It is doing with your life

Right hereRight nowStep by stepWalk in faithful knowing

Live your life with TRUST

The antidote to ANXIETY


Ase and Goddess bless us all.


Toni Roberts


Communing With The Ancestors…


Communing With the Ancestors – Altar/Photography by Toni Roberts

COVID 19 and African Peoples 

Although all Earthly Forces are now poised for our DESTRUCTION…wherever we may be on the planet…it is of vital importance that we remember: 

Despite all outer appearances…The ANCESTORSgot this!” 

Our job is to meet THEM within the Silence of our beings

At the Heart Center

The place of Truth 

Once there we must become stillattentive 

Listening within the Silence 

And then Following…as in OBEYING… 

All Inner DirectivesHunchesUrgesIntuitionsPremonitions…and Knowingswithout knowing how one knows 

We may be sure that proper Guidance will be given… 

Remember…this human life is merely the small portion of the iceberg that is visible above the ocean…the Source lies hidden in the Deep 

Now is the time for us to dive deeply within…

Our human power alone is simply not sufficient against the current Forces of Destruction

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

Ase and Goddess bless.


Toni Roberts



We Look To Man…

Portrait Of The Artist – Collage/Pencil Drawing/Photography by Toni Roberts

To save us…

And vote dangerous fools into office


Man cannot save man from man’s sole enemy...



Only That Which Caused Man Into Being…can do that…


To find the way out

Turn your search


Toni Roberts

Food For Thought…

Morning Light – Altar Arrangement/Photograph by Toni Roberts

A REACTION is emotional...

It is usually fear or anger-based…

It is spontaneous...lower brain...primitive



A RESPONSE is intelligent…balanced…unemotional…

And usually well thought-out


For the most part…HUMANITY appears to be REACTING to COVID 19

Instead of RESPONDING to it….


In which camp do you fall?

Toni Roberts



A Love-Filled Heart…

CHAKRA Flowering – Collage/Pencil Drawing/Photography by Toni Roberts

has no room for FEARthe ROOT CAUSE of all that separate us from one another…

Try a little LOVE today…

And watch the MAGIC happen…

Toni Roberts

Wounded People…

“Third Eye” – Colored Pencil Drawing/Photograph by Toni Roberts

raising wounded people…

giving us generation

after generation

of wounded people…

each wondering why s/he is so misused by


the world

other people

treated as if we were not people

but objects for target practice










it is long past TIME for a Healing




from the individual to the collectiveHealing from the generational wounds that date to the Kidnapping from the MotherLand to the Middle Passage to an Enslavement in a “new world…” the savage cruelty of which humanity had never before known…


it is Time for a Healing from wounds we do not know we have…

but from which we suffer still…














where the Ancestors wait to guide us…one by one by one…through a Process of Self-Healing…to Wholeness of Being…to Knowledge of Who and What we are…and our Rightful Place on Planet Earth





let us change the projection of our Destiny

Toni Roberts

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