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Monday’s Message…


View From My Sacred Space – Photograph by Toni Roberts

We are a bodyMindSoul Collective

 It is Time we humans learned to Balance and Harmonize all three Aspects of our Being

Thus…we become Whole 

Our Wholeness is then reflected

From Within


Affecting our immediate environment

 A fragmented humanity thus becomes a Unified Whole 

As it was in the Beginning

 Before the Fall of human  consciousness into the Darkness…

Of the Material World


Toni Roberts


We Look To Man…

Portrait Of The Artist – Collage/Pencil Drawing/Photography by Toni Roberts

To save us…

And vote dangerous fools into office


Man cannot save man from man’s sole enemy...



Only That Which Caused Man Into Being…can do that…


To find the way out

Turn your search


Toni Roberts

A Bit of Wisdom From Marley and The Grandfather…

new photos 078

A Bit of Wisdom from Marley and the Grandfather – Photography by Toni Roberts

if your Inner Life is on track

your outer life unfolds…



from the inside





View From The Bedroom Window – Photograph by Toni Roberts

is a reflection of INNER HARMONY

when your world is in TURMOIL

look within


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