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Communing With The Ancestors…


Communing With the Ancestors – Altar/Photography by Toni Roberts

COVID 19 and African Peoples 

Although all Earthly Forces are now poised for our DESTRUCTION…wherever we may be on the planet…it is of vital importance that we remember: 

Despite all outer appearances…The ANCESTORSgot this!” 

Our job is to meet THEM within the Silence of our beings

At the Heart Center

The place of Truth 

Once there we must become stillattentive 

Listening within the Silence 

And then Following…as in OBEYING… 

All Inner DirectivesHunchesUrgesIntuitionsPremonitions…and Knowingswithout knowing how one knows 

We may be sure that proper Guidance will be given… 

Remember…this human life is merely the small portion of the iceberg that is visible above the ocean…the Source lies hidden in the Deep 

Now is the time for us to dive deeply within…

Our human power alone is simply not sufficient against the current Forces of Destruction

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

Ase and Goddess bless.


Toni Roberts



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