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In Memory of Joseph Koonce…My Ol’ Drumming Buddy…

8 27 2012 044

Just talked with Y

We cried  together

Our love for Joseph binds us and

Out of that love has been born

A loving connection with each other

That will not fade with the passage of time

We are bound through him

For all Eternity

8 26 2012 027

My heart is at peace

Despite the great sadness at its center

Deep loss…

My Joseph

Gone from the flesh

We shall meet again

Joseph Koonce and I…

We shall once more

“Hook-up” in the 3-D

In another Time

In another here-now…

To give each other that nudge

or shove, as the case may be

That awakens one from

The Deep Sleep:

From the fascination…mesmerization…

And glamour of  flesh-suits and  Earth life

With all of its glitz, glory, pain, joy and love…

Oh…the intensity…the ecstasy…

of the Love

We shall appear again in each other’s lives

in anther times-pace…another here-now

To press each other forward

along this remarkable journey of


Thank you, Joseph Koonce

My teacher and student

from 1994 to 2013–earth time

I release you back into the Loving Arms of

the Mother 

9 30 2012 034


Just one last favor?

Now that you’re back with the Source

Or closer to It than I am–

Do you think you can send someone

To fill the hole you just left in

My heart and life?

A Day With K. In Central Park…

Am taking a day of quiet, solitude and contemplation. Reliving Friday. Spent the day in Central Park with my “sister-friend,” (to borrow V.’s phrase) K. I allowed her to lead me in a walk through the park to places I’d never been which turned out to be a metaphor for my current life lessons…

Central Park, NYC…secret tunnels leading to the unknown…

Like: the repetition of old behaviors is the root of every heartache and disappointment.

Central Park, NYC…off the beaten path…

Am realizing…

my whole life is my creation…

everyone, everything, every event and experience

is Self creating the lessons that “i ” am here to learn…

Self presenting me with mysteries that only “i” can solve…

My life is a Soul-inspired novela

peopled with characters who are mere reflections

of those aspects of  self that I would prefer to not see…

And those 3-D dramas that I find myself caught up in?

Simply denied fears, doubts and conflicts that

I am conveniently projecting outward…

onto the world

Central Park, NYC…hidden corners of paradise…

Central Park, NYC…light…dark…shadows…reflections upon the waters of emotion…

Central Park, NYC…Life keeps on keeping on even when finding Itself between a rock and hard place…

Central Park, NYC…even in entanglement…the pure beauty of nature shines through…

Central Park, NYC…at rest…

Thank you, my dear friend for an enlightening journey

through Central Park

to places

I’ve never been

My Love Team and I…

It felt so good

reaching out this weekend

to touch





All of my “sister-friends”

and male counterparts who are

animus to my anima

Strong beings of like spirit

indomitable warriors

who never give up or lose hope…

Women and men who have learned from life

that morning always follows night

that rainbows appear

after the most frightening of storms…

that new life follows

the bloody, backbreaking,

vagina-tearing pain of


I am so grateful for this love-team…

some of us having

looked major, boogie-men killers:

like cancer…strokes..heart attacks

straight in the eye–

defying self and societal conditioning–

making the so-called, killer,

blink first…

And now, my love-team and I

march on through Life

persevering and steadfast

laughing, dancing, dreaming, drumming…earning doctorate degrees

taking on new lovers

Never looking back…

oblivious to our contemporaries

who fall by the wayside

brought down by their belief

in sickness and



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