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Meditation On Human Purpose…


Sacred Space – Altar Arrangement/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Ever wonder what your role is on this Soul-Bound-in Flesh Journey of Mystery…?

Your Purpose in being…?


One awakens one day asking…who am I…?

For what earthly purpose has my Soul chosen imprisonment in this “flesh suit…?”

Why have I been thrust into this world of combatturmoilconfusion…and chaos…?

Why do I find myself in this Herenow…?

What purpose can I possibly serve in the bedlam…?

In a world gone mad…?


It is then…simply by the asking…that the answer appears

And one knowsbeyond any doubt…that we who suddenly become conscious

Finding ourselves Earthbound in  “suits of flesh…”

Are here to awakensurrender…and serve

That Which Fuels All LIFE


And so…without a second thought…one offers up all of one’s being

BodyMindSoul…as Fuel…to keep the Fire of Life ItSelf Burning…

For all Eternity

Toni Roberts


This Fleshly Life…

Window Altar – Arrangement/Photograph by Toni Roberts

Is not about the pursuit of fame and fortune…nor is it about securing the right mate and proper number of children

No…that’s not at all what being present in a flesh body is about…


If one lives long enough…and grows Wise with the years instead of…just old

One discovers the true nature of this Life

One learns that Life… at Its Fundamental Basis

Is about learning to use one’s Divinely-Bestowed-Gifts… and Natural Talents

In service to humanity…and not…oneself

One learns through Life’s not-so-easy-lessons…how to live as a Vehicle of whatever IT is that creates and sustains all that we perceive as reality

It is then…that one finds oneself living a FEAR-FREE Life…a life of FreedomOrder…and body-mind-soul Balance

A Life of being in the right place…always at the right time…doing something ecstatically joyful…with the exactly the right people

And all of this achieved without conscious effortplanning…or intention…on the part of the Ego

Life has then become a seamless flow…an effortless living from withinfrom a Place of Mystery and Light…from the Inside…watching in wonderment as the experience of being human shifts and alters

Until Life Itself is a kind of “Heaven” lived right here and now…on Earth


Toni Roberts



How Much More Purposeful…


Pondering – Photography by Toni Roberts


Your life might be…

If you did not wait until you reached…

The end of your rope…”







Life’s Purpose…

body of light 2 images

Body of Light – Stock Photo


end game…

Toni Roberts

We Are But Bit Players…


the land sunday 6 26 16 037

“The Land” Photo Six by Toni Roberts


in a

   major drama…

one far greater than that










Sweet Surrender II…


Photo by Toni Roberts – Central Park, NYC

and so it is

that this life of mine has become

a journey of unfolding events

day by day

moment by moment

in which I simply let go of all




allowing myself to

   drift along…












A Dawning Of The Light Of Understanding…


The Light Dawns – Photo by Toni Roberts

almost like an explosion of LIGHT going off in my head

the sudden realization:


needs not my



or even my


all that is required from me is






evolutionary process

requires neither

personal judgements



Part II…A New Creation Tale…

full moon image stock photo

Full Moon; Stock Photo


Part Two

One day, as was expected, the Wise Being and Her Consort were summoned by the Creatress. It appeared that the Wise Being’s Work on earth was done. She was now needed in another part of the multiverse to help establish a new world. The Couple left behind Their four Daughters, Who each settled in one of the four Lands of the earth and took an earth creature as mate and companion. The Daughters of the Wise Being and Her Holy Consort subsequently gave birth to many more Daughters, who, in turn, married earth creatures and produced many, many, many more Daughters down through the Ages to this very day.

The earth is now filled with the descendant daughters of the daughters of the Daughters of the Daughters of the Wise Being and Her Holy Consort. They are everywhere. And although you cannot know them by the color of their skin, the shape of their noses or by the languages they speak—for they are of all nations and cultures. Rest assured…they are here among us.

So, fear not, even as the fear-motivated warriors rant, rave, make war and reign death and destruction upon the earth and its peoples…threatening the very planet with annihilation. Worry not as the military-prison-pharmaceutical-industrial captains defile and pollute our beloved Gaia.

Be at peace and of goodwill in the midst of the madness, for the daughters of the Wise Being are rapidly awakening from centuries-long sleep. They are coming into the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of who they are and why they are here-now.

And before irreparable damage can be done, the awakened daughters of the Wise Being will band together, sister with sister in a global network…and guided by Their Ancient Mother, they will restore upon the earth—and all of its creatures—the PeaceLove Beauty,  Justice and Harmony that prevailed in the beginning…when the Holy Mother reigned

The end…For now…

(Copyright 2013; Toni Roberts)

I Am Slowly Easing Out…

river selfies 023

Reflections Of Light On The “Hutch”; photo by Toni Roberts


of the box

into which I squeezed myself

more years ago

   than I care to remember

   bit by bit…

   day by day…

      slowly climbing out of the confines of the past…

leaving the old stories behind

   as I create new ones...

it is not a

violent revolution

but a quiet

slowly moving


as I follow that which I cannot


along a path I do not



Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:


Drumming Back To Freedom…

new altar 6 25 14 019

Photo by Toni Roberts; Djembe


   the weather is finally warming…

soon it will be time to

return to the


to the


drumming back to freedom

   under the heat of the city sun…

back to


back to


new altar 4 22 2013 003

Yemaya–Photo by Toni Roberts


dancing to the call of the


lady 11 6 2011 002

Photo by Toni Roberts

in the wild abandon of


we are back in the


new altar 4 22 2013 008

Tools for Journeying…Photo by Toni Roberts


released from our

   rat-infested tenements

from the



grinding poverty



that has not abated since first they

dragged us




across the waters

to this

new world

this new version of






8 26 2012 027

Grandfathers and Drum; Photo by Toni Roberts

   and so…

in the noisy

crowded summer heat

of a Harlem park

we beat our drums

and dance our way

back home



to the




Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography are available at:

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