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These “Dark Days of the Soul…”


Clouds Over The River & Sound – Photograph by Toni Roberts



of a


is the only thing that pulls me through


dark days of the soul..”


I thank


Goddess Mother







for the

soul-stirring beauty

that only


can create…


for the

peace of mind


stillness of heart

that the












Hope Springs Eternal

flowers two steps of new dawn patricia bolivar.JPG

Photo credit: Patricia Bolivar; 7/9/16 Steps of New Dawn Foundation

flowers three steps of new dawn patricia bolivar.JPG

Photo credit: Patricia Bolivar; Perspective shot; Steps of New Dawn Foundation; 7/9/16

Whenever I feel down, defeated, overcome and depressed, all I have to do is look at these photos! Two friends and I attended a “sweat” this past Saturday at the New Dawn Foundation in New Rochelle, NY; and as we mounted the entrance steps what greeted us but a message from Mother Nature about never giving up…about how the seemingly impossible can and does occur. Not only did this brave little warrior of a plant coming up from a crack in the wall not give up its quest to reach the light from its home deep in the darkness below concrete steps, it had the bodacious audacity to blossom in its victory! I was caught without my camera but my friend, Patricia Bolivar, came to the rescue with her smart phone! Does this photo not lift your heart?

How To Fly…


Man In A Glass Box; photo by Toni Roberts


deconstruct the

current box in which you

livebreathe…and have your being…

release the stories you tell

about: yourselfyour lifeyour past

stories that confine…restrict

prevent you from taking flight

like the free spirit you came this way

to be


tear down the box you have built around yourself

that allows you to maintain the

illusion of safety within the confines of a

crazed and fear-filled mind

teeming with false beliefs and

wild imaginings…

release the tales of past events

you tell to all who will listen…

cease the righteous picking and re-picking of scabs from

wounds half-healed

ignore the box in which your neighbor is confined…

and the larger one within which

the world is encased

gaze not upon

the boxes of the Others

who so enrageinfuriate…irritate

as they infringe upon and restrict

the expansion of your own beloved box…

disturbing the bliss of infatuation with your

own story

still your mind

quiet your tongue

eliminate: I…my…me…mine

from your vocabulary…

thus you shall begin the dismantling of

the box that confines and restricts your being

preventing you from taking flight

like the free spirit you came this way

to be

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May Be Viewed & Purchased at:



Photo by Toni Roberts Central Park, NYC






the only intelligent thing to do

when caught





between a rock and a hard place

Toni Roberts’ Artwork and Photography May Be Viewed & Purchased at:

On Death By Suicide…

river post davin 3 18 16 012

River…Post-Davin; photo by Toni Roberts; copyright 2016

the loss of my beloved grandson

who last month

at the tender age of twenty-one


free will

his by divine right

and chose to exit this world quickly…

via a bullet to the head...

Got me thinking about

death by suicide…

and how all humans leave this realm

via death by suicide

   consciously…by their own hand

or unconsciously…

blaming their leave-taking on Fate or “God…”

forgetting that we are all creatures of

free will

   and that nothing

not even death is imposed upon us by some

mysterious all-powerful Force

It is we who knowingly or unknowingly

create these painful, ghastly, unimaginable  dis-eases

that debilitate and devour our our bodies

system by system…

organ by organ…

in a slow death by suicide...

Indeed…by the use or misuse of free will…

all death is by our daily decisions and choices

although my heart breaks at the thought of the degree of unendurable psychic pain

that drove my beloved to so quickly end this earthly sojourn…

this shared here-now…

I grant him his right of

conscious exercise of 


And I here-now bless the Essence of the boy-man I so loved

on Its continued journey

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