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Daughters of Gaia – Pencil Drawing/Collage/Photography by Toni Roberts

Today…while in meditative contemplation

I was reminded that a new beginning follows every ending

 That which needs to die

Must die

In order for the new and beautiful to be born

 With every death there is a re-birth


Therefore…let me not hold onto whatever it is that must die in my heart

In my soul

In my thoughts

And in my body

So that the new and beautiful might arise…


I now release all contaminants of:





To make room for the New





To so fill my Life and being

That I may be Born Anew


And…if I may…let me paraphrase something a very Wise Man was reputed to have told his world:

It behooves one to empty one’s vessel of all oldimpacted matterbefore  pouring fresh water into it…lest one’s fresh water be contaminated with one’s




Toni Roberts





My Good News From The Ancestors!


A Gathering of Spirit Power II – Altar Arrangement & Photography by Toni Roberts

you’ve finally reached that point in life…

at which nothing else makes sensebut “letting go and lettingGod…'”

by Whatever Name

you’ve reached the “Pearly Gates” of Consciousness and there is nowhere else for you to go…and nothing more for you to do…but lay down your heavy burdens…and enter therein…to the Other Side of Reasonor “Heaven…” as It is also known…

you are at the end of a long journey

you are “born anew…”


while still encased in flesh

your Life Work…your Missionyour Raison d’etre…may now begin

and…my dear…if you do it rightthis time

you will never have to come this earth-way again




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