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Season Of Death And Rebirth…

Under the Love & Protection of La Virgen Madre – Window Altar Arrangement & Photograph by Toni Roberts

Todayas I sat at my altar…

Deep in meditation

I heard a Voice echoing from within:


And…although I shuddered at what I knew was to come…

I answered…bravely:

Do with me as YOU will…

For I am finally ready after these many years…

To begin living the life I came “here-now” to live…


Then came the realization

Something within inow deaduselessblocking further growth

The time has come to get rid of it’s rotting carcassto provide space

an inner emptiness…in which new life can take rootgrow strong and ultimately blossom into Springtime

I am ready…I whispered…show me the way and the what to be rid of…

How do I make ready the space in which new life can take seed and blossom?

Show me the waymoment by moment…thought by thought...word by worddeed by deedstep by step

As I walk with trepidation…this dark road

Guided solely by Your Faint Light







The Last Blossoms…

blossom in november cell 003

The Last Blossoms Of Summer- Photo by Toni Roberts


evoke a kind of sadness


blossom in november cell 015

Summer Blossoms In November – Photo by Toni Roberts


summer’s lush beauty

fading in the early fall light…


blossom in november cell 048


autumn death

reclaiming all evidence of












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