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Today, While Sitting, Breathing, Waiting & Listening…

I heard whispered:

river selfies 023

Reflections Of Light On The “Hutch”; photo by Toni Roberts

you are a

living portal

through which the


enters the



The Human Side Of God…

Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts

Collage/Photo by Toni Roberts

I’m beginning to suspect that

   I am  the human side of God

That part of the Divine reflected in form

And projected onto the

   3rd Dimension

I now put aside all of my pain, sorrow and confusion

   And trust…nay...know

That Intelligent, Creative Energy

Works beyond this flesh body to achieve some Higher Purpose

   Some Divine Purpose for this life…this here and now

I open wide to receive


   Great Mystery

I invite You to flow in…as…through all that I am

   Re-create my reality…this here-now

      This new chapter...

 This new Assignment In the


  Be my words and actions

The very SOURCE

   Of all this being and doing

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