one woman's journey to wholeness…

“Resistance Is Futile”

chariotteer tarot

The Charioteer – The Tarot – Stock Photo


the events of this day have brought me to the realization that

LIFE is what IT is…

and I may as well learn how to “roll with the punches” because

“nobody promised me a rose garden…”

I am accepting this reality…

kickingscreaming and crying all the way…

however, even I can see that my sole rolelessontask

in this Great Drama Unfolding

is to maintain my center…my equilibrium

in the midst of





Resistance is, indeed, futile

thus, with all the

ups and downs

ins and outs

good and evil

love and fear

confusion and indecision

of this life as a human on planet earth

I am doing my damnedest


hold to the center

like the Charioteer in the Tarot

holding to the middle line




to steer the




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