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As The Fog Lifts…

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

Long Island Sound; photo by Toni Roberts

When I am stripped naked and raw by Life
I have learned to not wait so long
Before journeying inward to my
Self of Wisdom

There are times that I sit at my altar
Black and white marbled composition notebook and
Uniball pen in hand…

At other times
I seek answers from You
With a toss of the coins and I Ching text
Close at hand…

As the fog lifts
I learn to come to You directlyimmediately
Before my throat constricts and begins to ache with unshed tears
Before my heart breaks from the weight of hidden matters
That grow heavier with neglect and inattention

As the fog lifts
I learn to come to You
Without the hesitationmistrustdisbelieffears and doubts
That used to sully our relationship…
Blocking the outer signsinner signalsurgespeopleopportunities
And mysterious inner knowings that now pour into consciousness
Faster than a New York minute
And poof…another obstacle removed…
Another victory over painhumiliation…and mis-comprehensions
Perfect solutions unfolding one by one in perfect order…
From the inside out…as the fog lifts…and I move smoothly on

Some Thoughts On Living From The Inside Out…

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Bessie Smith…My Sister-Friend, Vera…And I…

Collage/photo by Toni Roberts

Collage/photo by Toni Roberts

Thank you
Sister-friend, Vera
For an evening of
Body-mind-soul nourishment
As we watched last eve
The HBO movie: Bessie Smith
Winner of the Toni Roberts’ Award for
The best beginning of many more movies to come that tell
Our Stories

The varied…multi-faceted…multidimensional stories of
From Bessie Smith to Michelle Obama
And all those before…in-between…and after

Thank you, my beloved sister-friend
For the food that nourished my body
And for the deeply loving and abiding friendship
That nourishes my soul

You are indeed the sister I never had
The one to whom I may not have spoken in weeks…or months…
But who, after long absences welcomes me and sits with me
In comprehending silence
As we watch together a Bessie Smith made for HBO movie starring Queen Latifa
A movie that tells my story…your storyour story
A universal tale of Life born in pain
And lived in endless cycles of Death and Rebirth

Thank you, my sister-friend
Thank you for being there…
Thank you for your presence
Thank you for your understanding silence
Thank you for your generosity of spirit…

You, Vera,
Are a perfect and uniquely individualized manifestation of

May the Mother of us all
The Bringer of Life
Continue to ex-press
Inas…and through you
In ever-expanding ripples of
Healing Love…

Through all Space and Time

A Day Of Inner Peace…Amidst Outer Turmoil…

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts


 beyond understanding

is mine

as I drink with great thirst

   at an Inner Fountain

a Source of Holy Nourishment

deep…deep within the center of my being

and thus I experience

that peace beyond understanding

of which the Master Teacher

and all the




Holy Ones


a Peace

whose Truth must be lived

within the heart of each of us

one by one by one…

   even as the world erupts around us…

until the Whole of Us

apprehends that



which lies beyond


World Mother Rebirthing Creation…

Drawing & Photo by Toni Roberts

Drawing & Photo by Toni Roberts

2004 rendition of the



World Mother


Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts Finally Opened An Online Shop For Her Handcrafted, One-of-a-Kind, Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklaces!

Finally! I stopped selling my beautiful necklaces from a wall in my apartment and entered the age of technology.

This work that I do with stones and beads and vintage pendants flows directly from an Energy I feel at my fourth CHAKRA. This Energy flows through my fingers–by-passing my brain and its thoughts–directly into these one-of-a-kind creations whose beauty sometimes surprises even me!

Do share my Work with all the Goddesses in your life!

Thanks a mil!


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