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Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts continues with her Breast Cancer as Messenger from the Soul series at:

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Comments on: "Part Three: Saying NO to Adriamycin, Radiation and Tamoxifen" (13)

  1. I’m honestly in tears to meet another woman who SEES Truth!!! BLESS YOU!!!

    • Am sending my good vibes out into our world right now! Feel it?

      • You bet I do because I do the exact thing! Do you feel me? It is a challenge to stay in High Heart in order to radiate out Love, yet we are doing it! I am just so proud of you for choosing the Higher Road, that called Love in Light.

        • A challenge it is! The hardest but most joy-filled work of my life! Finding that we are all connected–all part of a “soup” of being; and by going into the Silence and allowing the energy to build in the heart Chakra we may direct Love and Healing outward, where It connects with all who are entrained on the same energetic frequency. It’s simply “magical.”

  2. Toni, not only do I say no to chemo, but I say no to mammograms as well. I’m an RN who has walked quite a long way away from the horror of medicine. If women would just THINK what they are doing to their breasts and their entire bodies during a mammogram they would never have one. The intense pressure on the breast causes inflammation and cell death. (hmmm … and what exactly is cancer?) The high velocity x-rays cause cell death. Seriously? Has medicine gone mad, or am I the one who is mad? No one is going to probe me, squash me, radiate me, medicate me, kill me. At least not medicine.

    • Amen, sister! Oh, what a relief that we are waking up by the droves. I am still in the learning/beginning stages of maintaining balance, harmony and homeostasis (body-mind-spirit) by maintaining an openness and state of surrender to the Light–of which we are all expressions. Some journey we are on, n’cest pas?

      • I’ve learned to eat right. I’ve learn how to detox and drink Apple Cider Vinegar with lemon and backing soda. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I will only have good water to drink. I practice Yoga. I live simply. I could go on and on, and Toni, I am following you because it is with such relief to run into someone who does NOT say I am nuts. Bless you! And yes about the Light. It is for this reason I focus on my photography and focus on that which is Higher then this world. I don’t know how to thank you for saying what you did. If you have any questions regarding what I have learned to stay healthy, please feel free to email me. (((HUGS))) Amy

        • Oh, jeez!! We must be twins!! I put a teasp. of molasses in my apple cider vinegar every a.m.–that keeps these 76 year old knees and joints well-oiled. I take supplements, omega 3 fish oil, and on and on–up the kazoo! If I didn’t take time in the Silence each day, I would surely be mad. There are so many of us on planet now. We are the awakening Daughters of Gaia! Our creativity and crafts are the Creator flowing in, as and through us. Keep on keeping on. Light and Love shall be victorious.

          • Yes!! Oils too I do! I am 57 with huge back issues, yet I will not allow surgeries (more) for that is what brought me to this place in the first place. Yes to Silence. If I did not have my camera I would be mad. My photography is my Saving Grace, and when one who SEES views my work, that one SEES LIGHT, LOVE and Higher Worlds. Something within me has shifted recently in a huge way which has deeply affected my art, both prose and photo. My Dad recently passed (medicine pushed him to the grave) and with him gone, I cracked wide open. In that cracking, Source began to pour in, and in so doing, my art has changed drastically. YES, we are BEing used to lead this world to LOVE, our Natural State of BEing. I know I am rattling on, but this meeting between us excites me so much. That and SO many of late are SEEING what I do, and I am literally doing the HAPPY DANCE. Yes, people are WAKING UP! YES, Toni!!! Oh for the JOY!!!

            • And it is exactly that joy and that connection to our Source of Being that keeps the creativity flowing. I understand. The more I “crack open” the more light I allow in. And the process of “cracking open”, I find, always involves pain and the surrender of some cherished but crippling and limiting part of the Self. I highly recommend: Heal Thy Body by Louise H. Hays. I find that the maintenance of optimal health is a lifelong process of clearing away of fear-based emotions, thoughts and beliefs about Self and the world in which we find ourselves. I know, we do go on! Welcome to my world!

              • This interconnectiveness is how we were meant to be. It is our Natural State of BEing. It is happening more oft here online then in my physical life, for fear is still so prevelant in those whose paths I cross with. As for Ms. Hays’ book, I have it and a few others by her. I go in cycles with books. For the longest while I have been going within only and listening to the Silence of my Heart. Lately I have had the urge to read again and those books I once would read, I no longer wish to. What a true Joy to have our paths cross. May the future be bright with many Treasures yet to be found. With Love, Amy

                • I send love to you, too, Amy. I too am in and out with books. I understand. Once you have made that deep connection and remain in a state of at-one-ment, all that you need flows from the inside out. We are so blessed to be awakening. I do believe that you, I and those like us on the planet are being prepared as “bringers of the dawn.” Be blessed. Be well. Be at peace. Love. Toni

                • Toni, I have walked away from labels a long time ago. I am not told what my purpose is, only knowing that when I follow my Heart, as I am, I truly AM walking my purpose. I had been rejected since a child, outright hated, scorned, laughed at, hurt to the extreme, yet now, I AM walking as all my Life has prepared me. Several years ago, I “waited” for the New World to appear. I hung on to every word of certain people, and I got so suckered into NOT doing, just waiting. When I “woke up” and realized what was happening, and how evil the force was behind what I was believing, it shook me up to my core. Now, I do not follow any man, nor do I put into reality labels of what is and what is not. I am very humble with deep gratitude, that I somehow elected to be here at this time in Earth’s History. I honestly do not know if I shall live to see the “change” happen, but I do know what I am seeing NOW is just this. People are waking up. Many compared to only one year ago, are SEEING at Petals, and even if they do not, when they view my work, they are always getting a dose of the Divine. You don’t know how many times I have asked to be shown the reason for why I am here, something tangible. But I do not receive answers. I do however, receive the Guidance of my Heart. And so it IS. Love, Amy

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