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Collage by Toni Roberts

Collage by Toni Roberts

I posted some of my “WiseWoman Wisdom” and realizations concerning the breast cancer “event” I experienced more than seven years ago. If you’re interested in learning what my “take” is on this whole matter of dis-ease, do read my blog: Breast Cancer and Repressed Mother Rage. You’ll find it at:

I’d be interested in your comments and feedback. I am curious to know if there are others who also see disease as metaphor or messenger.

You may comment directly at:

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Comments on: "Breast Cancer As Metaphor" (2)

  1. Your perspective on the cancer experience is profound. I am a two-time survivor of a very aggressive form of cancer. I think we definitely learn much about our own capacities if we approach the battle correctly, as with any other challenges in life. We also gain new insights to the people around us. Meaning, we don’t need some of those influences to continue. Ultimately, your article speaks to the depth of cause and effect relationships and our role in that process.

    • Thank you for your comments. Yes, I have taken the stance that first cause of all that we experience as beings, including some very creative, way-out diseases–lies with one’s emotional climate–which sets the whole tone for being–and can knock our endocrine systems way out of whack–and there you go: disease! Am testing all of this madness with my own life/experiences/existence! If nothing else–it’s fun.

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