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Africa before slavery


Africa’s history did not start with slavery

Despite the peculiarity, horror and duration of African enslavement, slavery occupies a minor time frame (0,5%)  in the 120,000 years of African history.Africa in art

The Transatlantic Slave trade not only distorted Africa’s economic development it also distorted views of the history and importance of the African continent itself. It is only in the last fifty years that it has been possible to redress this distortion and to begin to re-establish Africa’s rightful place in world history.

In most parts of Africa before 1500, societies had become highly developed in terms of their own histories. They often had complex systems of participatory government, or were established powerful states that covered large territories and had extensive regional and international links.

Many of these societies had solved difficult agricultural problems and had come up with advanced techniques of production of food and other crops and were engaged…

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Meditation On Dreams And Dreaming…

Photo by Toni Roberts


Visions of marvelous things

Vague memories

Splintered selves

Flitting in and out of consciousness

Opening doors

Peeking within

Then gently closing out a scene

That even now continues to play out in

Hidden rooms within this

   Mansion of Self…

Secret dramas


Parallel lives

Joyful Games

Played with increasing skill

And understanding

Gained in

Solitary hours

Spent in the


Join me. Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

Meditation On Diseases Of Old Age…Death & Dying…

Grandmother Tree; Central Park, NYC; Photo by Toni Roberts

Grandmother Tree; Central Park, NYC; Photo by Toni Roberts


It occurs to me that


As a human condition

   Is self-determined

That we each reach a period in Time

   Some sooner than others…

   When we cease to dream

Cease to re-imagine ourselves more wondrous…

   We cease to believe…

   For whatever reasons…

That we can manifest our deepest dreams and desires

   In this lifetime…

We cease to imagine ourselves greater

We cease creating and re-creating

Self and Life

Indeed, we surrender the belief in our ability to

So do

Via the agency of human imagination…

And thus

On some deep level of being

We surrender this




And gradually

   Organ by organ…

   In a process we name disease…

The body breaks down as the


Prepares to take flight

To another Time of Being

To another Here-Now

Where it continues its journey of




Lightness of


Join me. Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

Caught In The Void…

Photo by Toni Roberts

Photo by Toni Roberts




Suspended animation


Death of the



Birth of the





This spinning wheel of

Decay and Renewal

How long this wait?

Suppressed impatience

Unexpressed desire

Not yet time

Fall back into the Void

Into the quiet stillness of the



Join me. Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

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