one woman's journey to wholeness…

Artwork/photo by Toni Roberts

Artwork/photo by Toni Roberts


We are all made in the image of

The Divine...

We are all reflections of the Creator of all we behold…

That would include the female of the species…


The Creator cannot be male


The Creator,

Must contain both male and female attributes…


Isn’t it about time that we



Stop worshiping at the altar of


Isn’t it time we wake up to the

Goddess side of the God

Who dwells within all of us?

It is no wonder the world is all

Half-assed and going off half-cocked

Towards total destruction

For we’ve turned the whole game over to males:





Wake up women!

(And you men of wisdom who walk beside us)

Get with the program!

Let’s save this thing before we all go down…

Know that you are


Holy vessels of the

One Life

Reflections of That in which we



And have our


Join me.

Come out as a Daughter of Gaia!

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