one woman's journey to wholeness…

This is the key time for us to dive deeply into the inner pain, death and darkness that we–individually and collectively–deny , avoid and numb ourselves to; for it is only when we walk courageously into the darkness that we find the light that is the Self. Life…death…light…darkness…all turns of the same wheel…

Ostara, The Good


Medusa- Beautiful and Powerful Snake goddess of transformation

“You are an agent of GREAT CHANGE on the face of this world!”

Happy November! Now is the time of transformation. Like the Snake Goddess we shed our former skin of lack thinking and just “good enough” to the miraculous abundance which is yours to create!

You are a light. You sparkle and shine like a thousand diamonds in the dark cheek of the night sky. You are a butterfly flitting from flower to flower with the legacy of hope and love. The echo of your heart beats loudly. God sees you and is waiting for you to accept the beauty and majesty of the power of your own creating ability.

“You do not ACHIEVE greatness. You ARE greatness!”

In ancient myths and legends the Snake Goddess always elicits fear and opposition.  Apollo cut off Tiamet’s head,  in the Bible Archangel Michael…

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