one woman's journey to wholeness…

Awakened Goddess

The Goddess is awake

Here come the warmongers again!






Six-shooters in hand

Ready to drop bombs in Iraq…

Ready to go back

To fix what they broke

When they invaded a sovereign nation

Under the mass deception of finding weapons of mass destruction…

It was they in the first place

Who fractured and destroyed a people and their land

Leaving it open

To the  further rape and murder

By criminals such as they:

Barons of greed and power…

Are we once again to follow their hollow

War cries?

Are we like fools to once again

Believe a twisted and evil logic

That would tells us:

Chaos + chaos = peace

Violence + violence = harmony

And, as any fool knows

Hate and fear always results in love?

Will we once again

Go shopping

As our former Texan cowboy president once advised

While these frightened men lead us

Down a path of destruction…

Men blinded by the fear of losing



World dominance…

Gained by the very means

That have created this current state

Of planetary imbalance and turmoil?

Wake up, America!

Before it’s too late…

The Goddess is awake…and She is pissed!

And believe you


We don’t want to continue pissing off

The Goddess…

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