one woman's journey to wholeness…

Truth Seeking…

highway traffic

highway traffic


sitting here at my window altar

watching the traffic

inch along the highway

towards the bridge

bridge traffic

bridge traffic


so grateful that

i am here

and not there…

here sitting in the Silence


seeking truth…wisdom…guidance

from within

what Truths shall these grateful ears behold

this day?

and then I hear

the whisper of that familiar voice:

that which you seek

in the world

is  ever-attainable…

and has always-resided

in the






the journey for which you came

is to the center of

your being

where lay


and yet unexplored



the way out is always in



Comments on: "Truth Seeking…" (2)

  1. Nick Andres said:

    Just wanted to let you have my current e-mail address..&I am truly sorry to hear of your Moms’ passing…

    • thank you nick! she passed last year. your email address does not appear here. please send me a message from my facebook page with your email address. did you drum saturday?

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