one woman's journey to wholeness…

Vassar Campus


There are times when one must put aside fearful emotions

and the terror of the unknown…

during these times of uncertainty

one must summon up the trust it takes

to continue walking a path of no signs

and to notice those  small, enigmatic hunches…

those subtle hints, inner urges and synchronicities...

those chance encounters here and there

with strangers you’ve known since the beginning of eternity

Vassar Campus

Vassar Campus

it’s at these times

one knows without doubt

that we are all  part of a splintered whole

now reconnecting in this timespace

to complete a mission

agreed upon

before the world was formed…

it is within these fleeting snapshots of direct experience that

faith becomes knowledge…

that fear, doubt and trepidation melt away and

new confidence is gained as one continues along this journey of

who knows what?

leading to who knows where?

and why?



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