one woman's journey to wholeness…

I Am Finding…



that everything in my life flows in TIMEon time

with all the pieces fitting together nicely

to make one beautiful whole…

that when I hold my fourth and second CHAKRAS

in an open and receptive YIN position…

perfect YANG energy appears in my life

in the form of a man whose energetic frequency

vibrates at a rate fully complementary

to my own vibrational frequency

that it does not matter how many years

I have inhabited this human form…

for as long as I leave myself open and receptive

I am born again and again…

and each new woman

comes into being

in the full and lusty expression of her

Goddess Self

that whenever I surrender

to the so-called Divine

I am–in Truth–turning my life over to

a built-in, self-correcting system

of planetary evolution…

and that learning to trust this

Great Mystery of evolution

is a process...

and that the more I trust this process

the more I am rewarded...

and the more I am rewarded

the more I trust this process

And finally…

I am finding that “God” really does not need

my assistance in all of this…

just my willingness…

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