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Yana and bijou 2012They took my beloved Ayanna off of life support today. The body is slowly shutting down. I can no longer say her body because I sense her soul has already returned to the Meeting Place: that SpaceTime wherein we make our plans for the next excursion to flesh bodies

I weep–not for my beloved–for she is free

I weep for myself

For the heavy ache of her absence

I weep for the loss of that bubbly personality…

And the shared jokes that only she and I got

I am already missing the Emails…

And the telephone conversations

In which we dared to reveal to one another

Parts of ourselves ordinarily kept hidden

I miss the easy going intimacy we shared…

And the trust

You hold a piece of my heart baby-girl…

And I will always treasure the part of you

That you left behind…as memories

I will always treasure the uniqueness of the daughter-from-another-mother relationship we shared in this go-round as spirits-in-flesh. And although I so look forward to our reunion on the Other Side, I am in no hurry to leave this crazy Third-Dimension that we both so thoroughly enjoy. I will continue drumming my ass off every Saturday–hoping the reverberations reach all the way to Wherever you are. I will walk my mile a day–take my supplements and eat organic–in the care of this holy temple.  I will continue plunging fully into the exquisite joy of living. I will squeeze every drop of Love that I can–into each day–just as you did–beloved baby-girl–

Niece…daughter of my heart

I bid you adieu, sweet one…A Dios…See ya’…

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  1. Reblogged this on Toni Roberts' Photojournal of Self-Transformation and commented:

    Thank you, Ginny Greco, for bringing my baby girl back to the surface of my mind. She dwells forever, however, in the depths of my heart; as I know she does in yours.

  2. I am so sad. i’m still ‘not over’ her leaving us. i think about ‘Yanna’ every single day. We never got the chance to say, ‘I love you’ to each other but our actions made it clear, that words don’t have to describe feelings.

    i will never forget what we had in our short period of time with each other. When we met everything just clicked. Everything made sense. And everything was in its right place. We made each other happy. We were on our way to having a future…just not enough time, i guess.

    Its not fair. but that’s life isn’t it? your soul was needed elsewhere. Somewhere.
    its just too big for me to comprehend. All i know is I will TRULY miss her and, “Ayanna! You just made me sooo happy!”

    • Rahsaan, Ayanna knew your heart. You came into her life so that she could experience the connection that you two shared. It was a completion of a sort–for her soul–so that she could continue on her greater Journey.

      You blessed her life and she left a gift with you that you will carry through all eternity. The two of you experienced that perfect yin/yang connection which completes our being while experiencing ourselves as male and female (Sacred Marriage).

      I heard much about you. I am her “Auntie Toni,” I’m sure she mentioned me to you. Thank you for blessing my baby’s life.

      May the Mother’s comforting Love enfold you.

      • Thank you very much. Ayanna did mention her ‘Aunt Toni’ and spoke very highly of you. I was most intrigued by your change in diet/ eating habits. i’ve been considering making some dietary changes as well. This whole ordeal has changed my perspective of life and relationships.

        • Although nothing can lengthen the amount of days our souls will spend in these flesh bodies, I have found that by changing both my physical and spiritual diets, my time in the flesh has become “ageless” and “timeless.”

          Do give at least dietary change a chance!

          And bottom-line, it’s not the quantity of time we spend in this human dimension but the quality!!! As Ayanna’s life so proved!

  3. I was saddened to receive the news of her passing, even though she’s going to a better place to be with a higher power … I knew her briefly as a fellow writer but came to find out there was more dimensions to her as a person … Ayanna was a very loving & giving person, evident in his accomplishments towards other people … I -as others – will miss her and will find it hard to fill the void she has left in my heart … Peace and Blessings to your family … Jae Walker

    • Thank you, Joseph. I awoke this morning with a sense of release; found my spirits soaring once more with my Yana…she is now a true free spirit!

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, I loved her dearly as well…gone but not forgotten…

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