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“ALTARED” AT MY ALTAR…Incoming Message…

view from my altar

view from my altar

It is what it is

I can only help what it is

become better than it is

by breathing through my heart…

by connecting to my heart


with feeling…

for my heart is the Portal through which

angelic energies

enter this realm.

In this way

I serve as a true channel of the One Creative Force

in which we live, breathe and have our being.

Today’s Musings At My Window Altar: The Hero/Heroine’s Journey…

sunrise 1 23 2013 001

We are all on a Hero/Heroine‘s journey

that is the nature of life.

Each time you meet a major obstacle

or reach “rock bottom”

that is simply Life presenting you with a golden moment of choice.

Whatever you choose to do in that moment…

whatever direction you choose to take…

the direction taken…

the choice made…

will determine the direction of your life

for the next ten-year cycle.

So choose well.

Choose carefully.

Move with thoughtful deliberation.

No hasty, emotional reactions.


there are always consequences…

whether they are “positive” or “negative”








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