one woman's journey to wholeness…


Heru, Horus, Christ, Diosa-Crista, Spirit in the flesh, Daughter of Yahweh, Isis, Au-set, Great Mother, Love, Wisdom…Set, Ego, fear, greed, anxiety…all melded into The One Self under the guidance of the God-Mother-Father-Ra-Great Spirit…

I am of one Mind. I am a Daughter of the Divine; Woman of God, woman-god, goddess; here-now to fulfill some still unrevealed purpose; some destiny that was stamped upon my soul at the beginning of Time Itself;  here-now in this flesh encasement for fulfillment of divine purpose unfolding through the ages  as I appear and reappear on this earth scene.  A player in an ongoing, never-ending drama; a Mystery Play written in the heavenly stars by an Unknown Author who yet still writes…constantly shaping, molding, changing  Plot and Direction in a Grand Drama.

I hereby bring myself back under the direction and guidance of The One who first set me down in Herstory.  I am curious to see , to know, to live, to express-from the inside out— the original plot of this life, this role, this character I play in an unfolding Mystery called human existence on planet earth.

I hereby let go of all preconceived, rejudged notions of who I am and why I am here-now. I now let my life unfold from the inside out, unblocked, unchecked, unchallenged by the ego personality I also am.

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