one woman's journey to wholeness…

an opening in the heavens

Today, I sat at the Gate of Heaven located between my eyebrows at the Third Eye. God-God-God was my mantrum and between the beats of that Holy Name, the name of the Unknowable, I felt the beat of my heart: God-thump-God-thump-God-thump…A holy rhythm that I rode into a place of  light–right there at the center of my brow where the beat of my heart was a thump, thump, thumping.

As I remained bathed in that holy light for I know not how long, these thoughts drifted into consciousness:

The energy that you allow to pour into and through you during these morning sessions is the very same Creative Energy that holds in place the universe–galaxy upon galaxy. This is the power, the only power that you need. Let it pour through you each morning and watch your life shift. Watch the blessings pour in. Watch as every earthly need is answered as you do nothing but let-allow-permit. Watch your physical body. Watch it as it gets stronger and reshapes itself from the inside out. Watch as health and holiness shine forth in a luminous glow upon your visage as you revel in the glory and strength of your new, disease-free state.

“Stand each morning at The Gate of Heaven within you, allowing the Power of the Creator to pour forth in, as, through you glorifying your world, your life, your body, mind and soul…glorifying all of ITS Creation through you.

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